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Jeffrey Konvitz The Sentinel (Unabridged)

Jeffrey Konvitz The Guardian - A New Experience Beyond Terror (Unabridged)

Michael Anderle Sentinel - The Vigilante Chronicles, Book 2 (Unabridged)

William Parrett G. The Sentinel CEO. Perspectives on Security, Risk, and Leadership in a Post-9/11 World

A forward-thinking approach to addressing corporate security challenges after 9/11 The Sentinel CEO takes a proactive look-from the perspective of top executives-at the ways business has changed since 9/11. Filled with in-depth interviews with America's leading CEOs, security experts, public officials, and academics, this essential tool underscores how a business's core values can help it address and recover from unforeseen threats. A revealing examination of the subtle and profound ways in which American business has changed, The Sentinel CEO explores a variety of risks facing businesses of all sizes that operate in a global environment. This important book includes timely discussion of growing anti-American sentiments worldwide, the avian flu, and the impact of tougher immigration enforcement on the talent pool in the United States.

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V. J. Banis The Second House

When Liza Durant is saved from drowning by Jeffrey Forrest, she little realizes how much this chance meeting will change her life. For Jeffrey is the heir both to a large business, and to the great estate that lies near it, dominated by the old manor house called La Deuxième–"The Second." <P> Within days he proposes to the beautiful young woman; she neither accepts nor declines, but says that she'll visit him at his country home. But Jeffrey's father is killed, Jeffrey's so-called accidental death soon follows, and Liza finds herself enmeshed in a web of intrigue over the inheritance of the great house. <P> Can she escape the clutches of a vicious killer? Or will the curse of The Second House claim yet another victim?

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Jeffrey Katz The Secret Life - A Book of Wisdom from the Great Teacher (Unabridged)

Jeffrey Archer As the Crow Flies

Jeffrey Sissons The Polynesian Iconoclasm

Jeffrey Lent In the Fall

Jeffrey Archer Cometh the Hour

Jeffrey W. Kiel The Ocular Circulation

Jeffrey Hirschberg Reflections of the Shadow

Jeffrey E. Hanes The City as Subject

Jeffrey Archer Sins of the Father

Jeffrey Archer As the Crow Flies

Jeffrey M. Schwartz Mind and the Brain

Jeffrey Round Lake on the Mountain

Jeffrey Archer Mightier Than the Sword

Jeffrey Thomson Country of Lost Sons, The

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Цвет: черный Страна-производитель: Швейцария

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Victorinox Sentinel 111 мм 4 функции с фиксатором лезвия чёрный похожие


Jeffrey McDaniel Forgiveness Parade

"Heartbreaking and hilarious simultaneously… " &shy; James TateIn Jeffrey McDaniel's second book, it is hard to separate the humor from the pain. Both qualities are omnipresent whether he's tackling dysfunctional family memories in 'The Most Awful Lullaby', or broken-hearted romance in poems like 'Another Long Day in the Office of Dreams'.

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Jeremy Bishop Sentinel